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Meet Our Tattoo Artists

Stacy "Witch" Gabrielle

Junior Tattoo & Piercing Master

Don’t be afraid of Stacy! She’s not a real witch. She earned that nickname just because this girl loves and excels at painting witches, demons, death and destruction on other people’s bodies! Luckily, she does so per their request. Anyhoo, Stacy is one of our best tattoo masters, despite the fact how young she and her life and art perceptions are…

Vince "Madhead" Veen

Junior Tattoo Master

Vince is called a “Madhead” for a reason. After few armed robberies and murder attempts and combined 12 years in prison, Vince mastered the tattoo art to its fullest. Though in comparison to our Senior master Kary, his skills are not yet as amazing, he’s got the moves. His trademark tattoo style are crazy, most unthinkable things that he likes to paint on his customers…

We’re a Badass Parlor!


All of our tattoo and piercing masters here are masters indeed… Their artistic precision and perception are nothing short of perfect!

Custom solutions

Whether you’ll show us some image that you want to replicate on your skin or ask us to draw one and confirm with you, we’ll be glad to do either of those 2 for you!

Easy access

We understand it all very well, that the idea of getting a tattoo might easily hit you at 2am after a rock concert or few drinks… No problem, as we’re opened for bookings 24/7!

Rocking prices

While both our masters’ craftsmanship skills and our range of services are ceiling high, at the same time our prices are low, down-to-earth and unbelievably affordable!

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